You can order from us the manufacture of printed circuit boards of any class of complexity: single prototypes and a series of single-, two-sided and multi-layered circuit boards from classic materials such as FR 4, boards of materials on aluminum substrate, ceramics, materials for high-grade, flexible, flexible-rigid, non-standard boards with increased complexity.

We have a line of SMD installation, based on high-precision installers, allowing to mount any existing components (Chip, BGA, QFP, SOP, SOJ, PLCC, Flip chip): from chips 01005 (0.3 x 0.15 mm) and components with the increment of ballpoint outputs 0.1 mm, to chips 52 x 52 mm. IPC 9850 - 25 microns per three sigma. The accuracy of the component orientation is 0.03 degrees.

You can transfer your organizational and time costs to us by ordering and paying with a single account, which includes the manufacture of circuit boards, the installation and installation of your design. All this allows you to make an application and get your order from the comfort of your office.

  • High speed and quality of order execution
  • 1 to 24 layers of the highest quality category
  • Up to 6th grade complexity
  • ISO 9001-2011
  • 5 to 25 working days of your choice
We try to make our products high-quality, user-friendly and durable. If you have a wish and want to order a product under your technical requirements, you can send us a message on the form below.